DNA & protein work

BCM Search Launcher (alignments et al.) @
NEB cutter (restriction site search) @
Ensembl Genome Browser @
VISTA (programs and databases for comparative genomic analyses) @
LITBIO (bioinformatics applications) @
GeneCard (comprehensive information about genes) @
ExPASy Proteomic Server @ and DNA-protein translate tool @
Atelier BioInformatique (hub for online analysis tools) @
EMBL-EBI (BLAST, alignment, structure searches - incl. BOXSHADE, ClustalW) @
IFTI-Mirage (gene expression information) @
HGSC (genome sequencing projects) @
NetPhos (phosphorylation prediction) @
Pawson Lab (protein interaction domains) @
SMART (analysis of domain architecture) @
Information hyperlinked over proteins (published information of any kind) @
3D-PSSM (search for structural homology) @
TMHMM (prediction of transmembrane helices in proteins) @
PSORT (predicting protein sorting signals and localisation sites) @
PDB (RSCB protein data bank) @


BioBase (transcription factor data base) @
G Force / rpm calculator @
Biocompare - Buyer's Guide to Life Sciences @
AbCam & The World's Gateway to Antibodies @
NCBI home page @
NCBI handbook @
WormBase (C. elegans community data base) @