Tomasz Bobrzynski

Master Student (Sokrates Fellow; 2000)
Visualise neural connections in WGA-HA transgenic flies.

  • University of Bern, Switzerland (2002-5)
  • postdoc @ Medical University of Vienna, Austria (2006-2011)

Barbara Kueppers-Munther

Diploma / PhD Student (1999-2004)
Exploring and optimising primary Drosophila cell cultures for investigations of mechanism underlying synapse formation.

  • Cellartis AB, Goeteborg, Sweden (2005-present; senior scientist since 2010, team leader since 2012)

Johannes Letzkus

Diploma Student & research associate (2001-3)
Electrophysiological investigation of synaptic differentiation of primary Drosophila neurons.

  • research @ University of Freiburg, Germany (2003-4)
  • PhD @ John Curtin School of Medical Research, Canberra, Australia (2004-7)
  • Postdoctoral Marie Curie then SNSF Ambizione Fellow @ Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, CH (2007-12)
  • Group leader @ MPI of Brain Research, Frankfurt, Gernany (since 2013)

Robert Loehr

PhD student (1999-2002)
Establishment of strategies for the visualisation of synapses of identified neurons in the Drosophila CNS.

Alex Mauss

Diploma Student (2003-4)
Analyses of potential mechanism involved in the formation of synaptic compartments in the Drosophila CNS.

  • research assistant @ Department of Genetics, Cambridge, UK (2004-5)
  • PhD then postdoc @ Department of Zoology, Cambridge, UK (2005-10)
  • Grass fellowship @ MBL, Woods Hole (2010)
  • postdoc @ MPI of Neurobiology, Martinsried, Germany (since 2010)

Ulrike Mettler

Diploma Student (2002-3)
Investigation of the potential role of Rho-like GTPases during synapse formation in Drosophila embryos.

  • PhD @ Institute of Genetics, Mainz University, Germany (2003-6)
  • postdoc @ Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany

Michael Mende

PhD student (2000-4)
Investigation of the function of Short stop and its interaction partners in the context of synaptic compartement formation in Drosophila.

  • postdoc @ Kings College, London, UK (2004-8)
  • research fellow @ Sloan-Kettering Institute, New York (2009-2012)
  • Lab manager @ Centro Champalimaud, Lisbon, Portugal (since 2012)
Ulrike Haessler

Diploma student & Marie Curie PhD Fellow (2000-5)
The development of dendrites and axons in primary Drosophila neurons

  • PhD @ École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, CH (2006-10)
  • postdoc @ ETHZ Basel, CH (since 2011)
Michael Avermann

Diploma Student (2004-5)
The role of Fasciclin2 during pioneer neuronal guidance.

  • PhD @ École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, CH (2006-2010)
  • Postdoc @ Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel, CH (2011)
  • Science Writer & Communications Manager, SAN GmbH, Reiden, CH (since 2012)

Lisa Ofner

Marie Curie PhD Fellow; 2005-6)
Calcium regulation in the context of neuronal development and degeneration in Drosophila.

  • postdoc & University Assistant @ Medizinische Universität Graz, Austria (2007-present)
Ines Hahn

Diploma Student (Erasmus Fellow; 2005-6)
Analysis of short stop in the context of tendon cell integrity in Drosophila melanogaster.

  • PhD @ LIMES Institute, University of Bonn, Germany (2007-present)
Wolfgang Bottenberg

Diploma & PhD Student (2001-6)
Generation of transgenic fly strains carrying tagged version of transmitter receptors; detailed genetic and molecular analyses of Short stop function in the context of synapse formation.

  • postdoc @ International Centre for Neuroscience, University of Heidelberg (2006-7)
  • Head of Department @ R-Biopharm AG, Darmstadt, Germany (2007-present)
Ghulam Mohiddin Lone

PhD student & Postdoctoral fellow (2002-2006)
Detailed analyses of mutations affecting structural formation of neuromuscular synapses.

  • postdoc @ David Geffen School of Medicine, University of Los Angeles, CA (2007-present)
Abdul Al Khateeb

Master Student (2006)
Mechanisms underlying the formation of synaptic compartments in Drosophila

Mark Travis

Postdoctoral Royal Commission fellow (2006-7)
The role of Spectraplakins in neuronal growth cones

  • Independent RCUK fellow @ Faculty of Life Sciences, Manchester, UK (2007-2012)
  • Group leader @ Manchester Collaborative Centre for Inflammation Research (MCCIR; since 2013)
Koyuki Kondo

Undergraduate exchange student
Investigations of Drosophila Shot interactors

Juliana Alves-Silva

Postdoctoral fellow (2005-9)
The molecular context of short stop during synaptic compartment formation in Drosophila.

  • postdoc @ Faculty of Life Sciences, Manchester, UK (2009-2012)

Catarina Pimentel

PhD student (Portuguese Foundation for Science & Technology Scholar; 2007-09)
Investigations of mechanisms underlying growth cone advance and guidance in Drosophila

Andre Koper

Postdoctoral fellow (2009-11)
Mechanisms of adhesion at the Drosophila NMJ.

  • postdoc @ FMHS, Manchester, UK (since 2011)

Melanie Klein

Technical assistant

Kaige Ma

Master student (2012)
The role of actin and microtubule binding proteins in synapse formation

Robin Beaven

PhD student (2008-12)
The role of microtubule binding proteins in axonal growth

F. Javier Bernardo-Garcia

Erasmus student (2012)
Functional analysis of microtubule acetylases and deacetylases in Drosophila

Timm Hondrich

Erasmus student (2012)
Functional links between Tau and spectraplakins in brain development and degeneration

Natalia Sánchez-Soriano

Postdoctoral fellow (2004-14)
Molecular mechanisms of Shortstop function essential for neuronal growth

Daniel Howard

PhD student (BBSRC)
Unravelling cellular mechanisms of different tau pathotypes in neurodegeneration

Thiago Franco

PhD student (BBSRC-Partnership award)
Computational modelling of filopodial actin dynamics

Abigail Elliot

Master student: The role of microtubule severing proteins during axon growth and maintenance

Judith Fuelle

Master student/Erasmus fellow: The role of stathimin during axon growth and maintenance

Sophie DeMaine

Placement student: working on the droso4schools project in collaboration with Loreto Sixth Form College and Trinity CoE High School

Joshua Heafield

Placement student: working on the droso4schools project in collaboration with Loreto Sixth Form College and Trinity CoE High School

Yue Qu

PhD student then postdoctoral researcher: the role of actin during axon growth and maintenance

Meredith Lees

Technical assistant

Simon Pearce

Group associate/independent Leverhulme fellow: Mathematical modelling of microtubules in neuronal axons

Yu Ting Liew

PhD student (self-funded): The role of MT-binding proteins in MT maintenance

Cristina Melero

PhD student (BBSRC-Partnership award): The role of adhesions and forces during axon growth