How to arrive at the Michael Smith Building:
Michael Smith Building, M13 9PT; report at reception

ccar access via Porter's lodge off Dover Street; note that Oxford Road is closed to public traffic and that you need to come from Upper Brooks Street

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1) Student's Union
2) The Academy

3) William Kay House
4) Avila House
5) Vaughan House
6) Holy Name RC Church
7) School of Biol. Sci. (Stopford Bldg)
8) Horniman House
9) Dover St Bdg.
10) Manchester Biotech Ltd
11) Michael Smith Building


Arrival from the airport:

A cheaper alternative to taking the taxi are the bus lines 43 and 45A. Walk towards the bus station (terminal 2). Buses leave frequently, the ride lasts about 30-40 minutes and costs about 2 pounds. Get off at the bus stop opposite the Catholic Church on Oxford Road (no.6). Walking distance to the Michael Smith Building (no.11) about 300m.